GPRS Data Transfer Systems

GPRS systems allow you to transfer that important live data to your PC for monitoring and control purposes.


GPRS - made to order

Display GPRS Monitor

Most of our systems are built to order and so, provided we have your exact specifications, we can help you with a dedicated system to meet your needs.

Whether it be a GPS based system or standard on-site real-time data

GPRS - ready-made total solution - Dragon ULTRA

For that specialised industrial project the "Dragon Ultra" is the ideal solution with real-time on-line secure web based monitoring. Used to monitor truck cold room temperatures, borehole flow, pressure, temperature.

Ultra screen shot

Data can be downloaded into Excel spreadsheet format for storage or later reviewal. The "Dragon Ultra" is supplied with a multi-function processing board (shown below) and various modules to suit the application for processing both analog and digital inputs. Priced at R5,500.00 excl. VAT + courier. The system uses our own APN for R250.00/month/unit for the secure real-time web based monitoring.
  • Ultra main processing board
  • Ultra digital input module (8-inputs)
  • Ultra analog input module (8-inputs 4-20mA)
  • Ultra digital output module (8-outputs)
  • Ultra multi-I/O module (4-inputs and 4-outputs)

Up to 40 I/O's can be configured using a mixture of the above.

Ultra processing board



GPRS - ready-made total solution

Display Inventia MT-101

For that specialised industrial project the MT-101/MT-102 from Inventia is the ideal solution with just about everything needed for GPRS data communication built-in to the device as standard, MT-101 priced at R7,995.00 + VAT, MT-102 priced at R8,795.00 + VAT, excluding monthly APN fees. ROE used €1.00 = ZAR9.50. Excludes delivery and/or installation and/or commissioning.

This product requires the end-user to create their own web interface or GUI for monitoring the data emanating from the device for an on-screen display. The product range also needs a client or CMR supplied APN.

Features of MT-101 / MT-102:

  • DIN rail mounting
  • 8 x digital inputs (DIN) - up to 24Vac/Vdc
  • 8 x configurable digital inputs/digital outputs (DIN/DOU) 24Vdc
  • 2 x analog inputs 4-20mA (AIN) (MT-102 has 6 x analog inputs 4-20mA)
  • Isolated serial port RS232/RS422/RS485
  • Configurable via RS232 cable (no web interface available)
  • LEDs for serial RX/TX connection
  • LEDs for I/O status
  • LEDs for GSM for connectivity to network
  • LEDs for GSM signal level
  • LEDs for status of unit - power, error, battery power, mains power
  • Package includes:
    • RS232 cable
    • GSM antenna
    • User manual on CD
Overall APN/GPRS

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