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Official System Integrators for GSMC units

Our workshops are able to incorporate any GSM module into any enclosure and cable the system to your specification. This includes the basic GSMC modules, expansion digital I/O modules, expansion analog modules, antennas - normal or vandal proof, battery size and charger and cable theft monitoring options.

The enclosures we use are IP65 rated and come in electric orange.

GSMC - GSM/SMS telemetry systems with digital and analog facilities

Display GSM Commander

Have your important equipment monitored by this range of GSM telemetry systems and have SMS alarms sent straight to your cellphone or PC based system.

Easy to configure using the free Smart Setup® software

Units are supplied as standard with:

- 2-digital optically-isolated inputs, with LED activation indication, for N/O or N/C contact, open collector (NPN), closed collector (PNP), DC (5-18vdc)
- 1-analog inputs, with LED activation indication, for 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA etc. 8-bit resolution
- 2-digital outputs, N/O, COM and N/C relay contacts 8A (10-48vdc), 4A (110-400Vac)
- Smart Setup for Win 2000, XP, Vista or 7 - spare USB port needed

Digital Inputs: expandable to 22-digital inputs (GSMC0641) and 32-digital inputs (GSMC1281)
Digital Outputs: expandable to 22-digital outputs (GSMC0641) and 32-digital outputs (GSMC1281)
Analog Inputs: expandable to 9-analog inputs (GSMC0641 and GSMC1281 only)

Options include:

- "Pulse Stretcher" for metering electricity (needs metering pulse output from meter)
- "Clip-On" Current Sensor for cable theft monitoring

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Smart Setup

GSMC Smart Setup Screenshot

The "Smart Setup" software for the GSMC series, free with every unit, uses a very similar procedure to "ladder logic" found in many PLC's. It is simply a case of "IF this happens THEN do this":

In the following screen shot we have defined STATEMENT No. 1:

"If Voice Call Received" from "0821234567" then "Hang Up Call" (missed call technique is free for the calling party) then "Send Message" to "0821234567" of the "Status of the Input-1", in this case it the status of the security system.

The permutations and combinations are endless and so it is up to your imagination what your system has to do with al these parameters.....

The GSMC0641 has an 64 statement capacity whilst the GSMC1281 has an128 statement capacity

Smart Setup

GSM/SMS - GSMC-0321 / 0641 / 1281

GSMC-0321 / 0641 / 1281
Physical size 112mm (w) x 85mm (h) x 28mm (d)

GSM/SMS - Expansion Unit - GX-1000

For systems where additional inputs are required the GX-1000 provides the user with 10 additional digital inputs. Up to 2 x GX-1000's can be added to the GSMC-0641 whilst 3 x GX-1000's can be added to the GSMC-1281 unit.
10-Input Expansion Unit

GSMC House Commander

House Commander

• Cellular device works on any network
• Fully integrated all-in-one device
• Attractive IP67 enclosure
• Control / Monitor / Automate:
• Geyser
• Alarm System Integration - inputs from almost any existing security system
• Driveway Gate - "missed call" operation of gate opening/closing, with warning and timeout
• Garage Door
• Power Failures
• Energy Metering

The House Commander contains the following hardware:
• GSM Commander (GC0321 or GC0641)
• Customized expansion unit – similar to GX0505
• 1 x 30 amp relay (on output 1)
• 2 x pulse stretcher inputs (on inputs 6 and 7)
• 500mA 14V PSU
• 12Vdc, 1.2AH SLA battery
• Battery protection module
• IP67 enclosure

House Commander
House Commander shown, Pump Commander is similar