SIM20 - SMD tri-band r.f. transceiver module - R165.00 + VAT (no antenna)

SIM20 - low cost half-duplex r.f. transceiver data for peer-to-peer and broadcast transmission.

SIM20EVB module shown above, with USB interface (shown approximately full size)

SIM20 measure 21mm x 13.8mm x 2.6mm


It includes a high-speed microcontroller and high-performance RF chip, ensuring that it has high receiving sensitivity, programmable transmitting power and high data rate. It supports transparent date transfer without complex configuration, with UART (CMOS/TTL), RS232, I²C/SPI interfaces.

The module has an input voltage range of 3,0 to 3,6 V. It measures 21 x 13.8 x 2,6 mm, 1.5gms, and operates over the temperature range from -20°C to 70°C at 10-90% RH.

Typical applications include wireless sensors, remote control/security systems, wireless metering, wireless medical telemetry service (WMTS), keyless entry, home automation, and process and building control.

  • 433-434.79MHz, 863-870MHz and 902-928MHz
  • Air data rate 2,400-115,200 baud
  • Communication interfaces RS232 (UART CMOS/TTL) - SPI/I2C available on request
  • 512 bytes of interface buffer
  • Output power with 4 user-adjustable steps 18dBm (20mW), 15dBbm, 12dBm and 9dBbm
  • Transmitter frequencies at 200KHZ intervals
  • Modulation schemes 2GFSK
  • Receiver sensitivity -112dBm at 2400 bps
  • Up to 1500M range at 2400bps, decreases in urban areas due to buildings etc.
  • Sleep current 5 µA
  • TX current 80mA at 18dBm, into 50ohm load
  • RX current 26mA
  • Input voltage 3.0 - 3.6 Vdc (+.-50mV)
  • Small footprint 21mm x 13.8mm and 2.6mm thick
  • ETSI 300-220, FCC Part-15

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