Wireless Products - SIMPLC

For all those users that wish to combine the usefullness of GSM technology with the processing power of a microcontroller we offer the SIMPLC.

SIMPLC - complete with SIM900 + PIC18F46J50 - ZAR1,650.00 inc. delivery

  • SIMCOM SIM900 quad band GSM/GPRS/SMS module with ARM-9 processor
  • Microchip PIC18F46J50 8-bit microcontroller (44-pin TQFP)
  • Optocoupled Inputs (expandable)
  • 8 relays - 4 populated (expandable)
  • Microchip PICKit3 and MikroElectronica interfaces
  • USB Interface
  • SD Storage
  • Real Time Clock Calendar (RTCC), complete with 32.768KHz xtal on-board
  • Full I/O breakout - PORTA, PORTB, PORTD

This is a product for the serious developer who requires a solution for a product to market in the shortest possible time - R1,650.00 + VAT including delivery