Solar Panels (photovoltaic)




We can offer the latest range of solar p.v. panels, components manufactured in Germany and assembled in South Africa.

Sizes range from poly-crystalline 10watt (0.61 amps) thro mono-crystalline 230watt (8.05 amps)

Modules are pre-sorted and are supplied as per specified small or no negative tolerance. The junction box is reliably connected by a solid, welded bond to guarantee lasting functionality. In addition, high-quality, robust cables with factory-equipped connectors can be ordered as an option.

Supplied with a 25-year performance warranty

More details on request only.


Images not to scale - left 10watt right 200watt


MPRIME - European Manufactured Panels and Inverters

Mprime roof

Located in Oliveira de Frades, Portugal the solar systems are manufactured by a team of 1000 employees using robotic plant assembly, the factory has a manufacturing facility of 50MW/annum, this supplier has a full range of "on-grid" and "off-grid" solar pv solutions.

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